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Hey guys
Ive recenly quit marijuana, I usually smoke maybe 1-2g's a week, maybe 3.5, ive experienced most withdrawal symptoms over these past weeks, like not being able to sleep, absolute loss of appetite, acid reflux in the morning's (this has passed in the first 2 weeks), sweating uncontrollably, and of coarse the urge to fire up a bowl, out of the 50 cm bong.
I am feeling alot better since i quit, and can notice the difference in myself right away, i am alot happyer, more enegetic, evan more enthusiastic to do things, its nice to remember life before you were a pothead, and what you actualy used to enjoy about life before you started smoking marijuana.
Today is my 3rd week, quitting marijuana.
Marijuana to me is the only drug I really like and find to benefit from in some way, I don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, etc...
Everybody's journey is different some prefer smoking pot, some prefer smoking cigarettes, like my mum, she smokes a pack a day, and has for over 25 years she is 57, and claims that she will outlive many people?
I explain to her that luck only last's for so long, you can't keep living by that theory but she dosen't listen, and is not happy unless she is able to smoke a packet a day, she would spend her last $10 on cigarettes instead of feeding me and my younger sister, I find this verry selfish, I admit that i am also being selfish by taking $20 out of her wallet, buying a g every week, maybe a $50, but would never do this if she has less than $100 for the week, she did it today, she had $12, she had the choice to A) Buy food for herself and her children B) Buy herself tobacco, what would you do? Btw she get's paid tomorrow but that's no excuse is it? I believe the same principal applies to weed aswell. Me and my sister love her so much, she's all we have, couldn't imagine life today without her, yes im quite familiar with the everybody must die sometime line, but evan mum was really upset when her parent's died, she never got over it and they died in 86+, if I talk about them to this day and bring back memories she would start to tear, can't she see if her parent's died at what 60/70 because they smoked all her life, she wouldn't like it much I know that's for sure, im not saying that she will die in her 60/70's but hey, lets at least try be realistic smoker for over 25+ years, expects to live as long as a non smoker, obviously she want's to die or somthing, this is what i say to her, but she denies it and says that she is only addicted. :'(

Anyway enough about that, Evan though that's my main inspiration for quitting, no matter how hard you deny or how ignorant you are to the fact that, smoker's lives revolve around smoking, you begin to loose interest's like say sports, or friends, or Evan spending time with family you hardly get to see, the fact is, of coarse you'd rather stay at home, smoke bowls all day, because that's what you enjoy doing, that's what makes you happy in life. This being said if the only time you are happy is when your high, or smoking cigarettes, then you will never really find real happiness in life. If you didn't realize there's more to life than smoking at least this is what i believe, I don't think mum would agree with me though.

I think i have rambled on enough, thank you very much for ur time, and i really would appreciate feedback or your opinion

To all those trying to quit smoking remember, its not a wise way to spend money, and where does smoking bowls get you in life besides in bed, or your head in the fridge?

The only way I've been able to quit is by these methods, just don't hang out with smoker's, sell/hide ur bong's, delete ur dealers number no dealer no weed.

Good luck to all you fellow quitter's that read this and i hope you beat the addiction for once and for all, life is way to valuable to be smoking it away for own self pleasure.....


Congrats, on making it this far. You should feel great right about now for being off of this money consuming drug for this long. But you need to make sure that you keep this going. Sorry for the situation with your mom but maybe you could be her inspiration.

Since the health thing has not effect on her you have to do something else to stop her. She sees you stopping she might make an effort also. I know its not the same drug, but similar situation. Support each other if possible. Maybe you can tell her that you need help quitting and her quitting would give you the extra kick you need.

Also, keep us up to date on your progress. Even if too many people don't post in your thread....people are still reading it. Maybe someone is just lurking while going through the same thing you are and you can help them quit while quitting yourself.

Keep looking at all of the positive aspects of quitting. Try to post the positive aspects as you see them so that someone thinking of quitting can have something to look forward to while you have something to look back at.


Because you struggle isn't the plant, it's your reaction to it, don't blame the plant, it's just you and select others, Weed gives more benefits to the smoker then ANY drug, including alcohol and tobacco and prescription drugs. Don't make it as it bad, it's not, especially since I have no problem stopping for months at a time, to avoid drug testing, but none the less.


You´re very wise and nice, hope your life turns out very good because you deserve it.


Weed can be a good thing fella! Just use it in the right way! I smoked for 2years...first year withbheavy use and the other only 1blunt a day! And now im better! Im happy ;-)