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My daughter is 22 week's pregnant with a boy and the ultrasound showed a white spot on his heart what does this mean? She has already been tested for down syndrome and was negative? And his kidneys have urine in them but ob doctor says baby looks great and she sent my daughter to a specialist and they ran down syndrome test again and a chromosome test should know results today. But she is very healthy not high risk and no down syndrome on either side of the families


Hi Renee,

The white spots are "soft markers" for Down's syndrome.  They often present around 20 weeks and then disappear.  If there are no other markers then it is unlikely that the baby has Down's.

The chromosone test can rule this out.

I hate to say "don't worry" but if you think about what testing was available when your daughter was born, or you were born, and now, a lot of it just adds excess stress.

Good luck.  Please let us know the outcome.