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Hello everyone. I am 26 years old and 29 weeks pregnant with my second son and in my most recent visit to my OB/GYN I was given some results from an ultrasound performed 4 weeks ago. I was told that a spot was found on my sons heart and it can be associated with Down Syndrome. I've had my blood tests completed at 12 weeks and everything came out negative for both DS and spina bifida. My Dr said he sees this a lot and not to be alarmed. But I can't help but to be. Im scheduled to see a specialist for another ultrasound so they can better look into this. I cannot help but to think the worse. Im scared and need some advice. Please help.


Hi There,

They found this during my 20 wk ultrasound, they referred to it as an echogenic focus - does that sound familiar? It scared me too, but like you I was under 35, no family history of any type of genetic problems and no other abnormalities. Let's just say he turned out fine, he was almost 10lbs at birth ;-) Hang in there, I know it is worrysome, but I was told it was common too and I think now looking back they find alot more w/ultrasounds than they used to. My boy is now almost three and I wonder if it would still show up ;-)

Congrats on the baby, enjoy being pregnant.