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I bought a clearblue easy fertility monitor so i was able to track the days that i ovulated. I was wondering after ovulation are your ovaries suppose to hurt or could that be a cause from something else. and how long is the pain suppose to last?

It feels like i am going to get my period, is that suppose to happen as well after ovulation?



During ovulation you can experience some mild pain but after ovulation if there is any pain it could mean warious things. Maybe you have just catch a cold and this is how it is manifested.

If you are worried about that pain it would be best to visit the doctor  and find out what is happening.

Period is happening after ovulation in case that egg hasn't been fertilized. Without fertilization levels of certain hormones will decrease and cause the lining of the uterus to break down and shed. This is otherwise known as menstruation or a woman's period. And if you are counting days than you are aware that the first day of bleeding is day 1 of the next menstrual cycle.

I wish you luck in getting pregnant and it would be very helpful if you could share your experience with us.