Okay, this will be a long story but i really need some help with this, My ex and i who were deeply in love suddenly broke up, we had been going out for 9 months and it began when my first girlfriend, who is my recent exs friend, dumped me and i felt upset and my recent ex messaged me to make sure i was okay and we got to talking, this is a bit dickish but i began to like her and then she told me she had liked me for a good few months so we decided to wait until my ex was okay, so in the meantime we became "cuddle buddies" which then after a few months led to friends with benefits, when we finally did start dating, we had already done everything bar intercourse, we had touched and done stuff of that nature but she didnt feel ready for intercourse, so we went on with our relationship and like all relationships ours had a few knocks in the beginning with us arguing and eventually it all flattened out, we were extremely happy (before i decided to date both my first ex and this more recent one i was depressed, and a self harmer and these girls were already close friends of mine) so being happy was good for me, i decided i should tell my girlfriend that i was a self harmer and that i am depressed and when i did she instantly told me she self harms too and she thought she could notice some scars and she knew i was depressed because of my behaviour, i was always quiet, didnt ever usually speak much, kept my earphones in the majority of the time and just kept to myself, i was always very hard to convince to actually come out and socialise, i preffered to be alone, and she offered to help me, since there things just got better, i began to feel happy and my self harming was significantly reduced and we both felt so happy, we promised never to leave each other unless someone cheated, but then about 7 months into the relationship, something happened and all of the sudden she was constantly cancelling plans every single weekend (She does have a lot of family issues to deal with and these were usually the excuse) and whenever she did speak to me she seemed really dry, like she never really wanted to talk, as though i were a stranger and this began to upset me so i asked if she was okay i asked if there was anything that could be done and she kept saying she was fine she just needed time, she issued a break. I then began to get worried and within a few days we got back together and then a few days after that another break and i got worried and began to slide back to the state of mental health i was in before, she then began, after a month or so of the break that i should just get over her, its for my own good and all this, this really upset me and she then told me she feels like she is depressed too and she just cant handle a relationship which of course at the time i understood, then it was brought to my attention by her the real reason for us not getting back from her break, one of her exs who she dumped for being a total creep, said he still loved her, she told me she felt nothing for either of us anymore but didnt want to hurt either of us by giving each of us more of a chance, this then was completely voided when she would treat me like utter sh*t whenever she spoke to me but everyone else got the same sort of conversation style i did a few months previous when we were happy, and i got very pissed at her and had a go at her, a few days later we began speaking again but this time after another few days i asked her if she even wanted to speak to me and she continually avoided the question, i eventually asked her blandly, what is going on, she then told me she doesnt want to speak to me anymore, obviously im still madly in love (not too sure if i am currently though but at the time i was) and because we have the same friend circle it could have been awkward so iasked her what to do about that and she got very aggressive with me and then she began to have multiple goes at me for mistakes i made in the past and then when we agreed not to talk i said it would be best if she blocked my number or removed me incase i feel depressed and want to message her or if i get drunk or something, but she was reluctant to do so and she kept saying if i wanted blocked so badly why dont i just stop messaging, i told her im trying to make things easier for her but it WILL hurt me but she didnt seem to see it that way but basically my question is this, why do you think she done all of this? and why do you think shes kept my number if she never wants to speak to me again?