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hey i have that skin and its attached to d head of my penis frm down.... i cant pull it down..... and it hurts when i have sex without condom..... any perticular exercises to pull it down or any medicines which helps in that......


Hi Freelancer,

Do you mean that your foreskin is attached to your glans or that the frenulum, the strip of skin, is holding the foreskin so it won't go down? I think you mean the frenulum is too tight or short.

There is a procedure called a frenulectomy. Basically the doctor would make a small incision to loosen it up. It is not a circumcision by any means. If necessary, it's done in the office under local anesthetic.

Since this needs to be examined, the best solution would be for you to visit a urologist? This is there area of expertise. They can give you the best solution.

Hope it helps.


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Just a suggestion. If you have to have it cut by a doctor, make sure he/she understands what you want and you understand what he/she is going to do. I have read about guys who had it done and the dr. didn't remove it or release it well enough so it was still too short or tight after it healed. For your own pleasure you want it GONE so your foreskin can retract all the way, comfortably.

It seems that many doctors idea is to release it just a little so it's not quite as tight as it was but it still hurts when you try to pull the foreskin back all the way.