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I am 19 years old and have just recently had intercourse without a condom on and had pain during penitration due to my foreskin. (Excuse my lack of proper terms) I can roll back the foreskin to reveal the tip (the hole) but only millimeters down from the hole there is skin connecting the foreskin connected to the head. I have had a bit of researsh on this but I cannot find something similar to mine as others have described it as the connection being towards the bottom of the head, mine is more at the tip.

Should I talk to my doctor about this or should I look to aids such as lube to avoid the pain?


Hi Bruce,

Your foreskin, at 19, should easily move up and down over the entire glans.

You may have a skin bridge.  Sometimes the foreskin does not completely separate.  It happens and can easily be remedied - WITHOUT a circumcision.

See a urologist.  You need an examination.  Don't try to tear it as it can lead to scarring.

Good luck.