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Hello all -

Problem is, I can pull it back most of the way, but theres still a but of skin joining it too the head on the UNDERSIDE. It can be uncomfortable when having sex with my girlfriend.

It also worries me that my friends seem to think that their foreskin "ripped" when they first started masturbating - and they think this is normal!

Its quite painful to try and just rip the skin back. I can pull lit back enough to clean and see the glands at the front, but underneith the hole there is like a bridge connecting the head to the foreskin.

Is this normal? I am becoming increasingly worried, as if I don't get my girlfriend really wet then sex can be pretty uncomfortable for me - and I love it normally! :-(

Anyone got some advice?

Thanks, Joe. :-)


Hey just wanted to tell you the bridge is called your frenulum it is perfectly natural