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My friend has an allergic reaction to marijuana whether he is smoking it or not. He faints completely at the slightest smell and it doesn't have to even be close (by that I mean It could be several yards away.). It begins by him trembling then moves on to him completely fainting. He has told me that his stomach begins to churn as if he had food poisoning and vision becomes very blurry. I have looked up all the alergic reactions that I could think of due to marijuana inhalation but cannot find any on reactions due to presence of the smoke or actual item. He doesn't have to touch it or smoke it. It can just be near him and his body begins to give out on him. If you could please answer back to this and let me know what could possibly cause this and if there is anything that there is to do with this that could ultimately delay or suppress this reaction in him. We did find out that getting him to drink water and then fully submersing his body in warm water.


Although I've never heard of this symptom, his body may have an active memory associated with marijuana. Active memory is when the body stores information regarding something and responds upon thinking about it, or being close to it. One example is a person highly allergic to peanuts: they may respond just to the word "peanut" or if there are peanuts in the room (even if they don't have contact with the nut oil). Check out and see if anyone can help. This system works by asking the bodymind what it needs to balance.

Hope this helps.