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this is a long read...

im 21, turn 22 this month and i have been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years.

i want a baby more than anything in the world. i never kept it a secret from him, but he still chose to stay with me. at the start of this year he agreed to 'go with the flow' to see if anything happened, well it didnt and now he is telling me that he will NOT have a child at this age. he is 22, turns 23 this year. he said he only did it to make me happy, despite the fact that i asked him a million times if this is what he really wanted.

now he tells me that he enjoys being young and doesnt want to settle down until he is 26-27

i just cant wait that long! i have wanted a baby since i was 18 (dont ask me why because i dont know)

i suffer from depression aswell...

i tried to commit suicide when i was 18 because my ex boyfriend played with my emotions about the baby thing so badly and i just couldnt take it anymore. i really thought my current boyfriend was different.

we have been having problems in the bedroom lately, he cant get it up because he doesnt want to have a baby, but he didnt tell me that until a few days ago.

im so angry at him for lying to me for so long. he wants to work on our relationship but only if i forget about the baby thing. i dont know what to do!

do i wait for him or should be go our seperate ways and find someone that wants the same things as me?

im so upset and i cant stop crying. i keep saying to myself "i dont want to die". you because my life has gone to sh*t and i cant handle it, i will want to try and kill myself again, but i dont want to, but at the same time i dont want to feel like this anymore.

i really need some help


please guys...

i really need your help!

i can see people are reading this thread, but not responding

im scared what i might do if we end up breaking up tomorrow