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This is a list of problems I haven't had checked out and I'm curious what info SteadyHealth might have for me.

I am a male, 25 years old.  I weigh 120-125 pounds normally.  I am 5' 6'' in height.


1) I seem to have lost some hearing in my left ear after a camping trip where I fell down a river.  Sometimes when i push around my ear and even move my ear around the hearing loss gets worse.

2) My eyes have been in terrible condition for some time now.  I suffer from constantly dry eyes and sinus headaches ( not normal headaches).  I can barely drink alcohol any more because it destroys my eyes the next day and causes me to wake up extremely early.  This also gives my eyes hardly any time to regenerate.  I also smoke marijuana regularly and also believe this has contributed to my poor eye health.

3) My left collar bone feels like it has broke at one point and healed back together.  I compare it to my right collar bone which is natural and smooth.

4) I hurt my left wrist extremely bad at one point while doing a handstand.  I notice it never quite fully recovered.  It fatigues much quicker now when I do a handstand currently.

5) I have what looks almost like a stretch mark on the right side of my groin.  Sometimes it itches and other times it doesn't.  It isn't herpes because that would be very obvious.  I used to do the splits when I was younger, but have lost that ability.  I wondered if this was just a stretch mark that itches from times to time.  It never burns either.

6) Minor knee pain sometimes.  I believe it is from too much sitting though.  I spend alot of time in front of a computer.

7) This is by far the worst pain I have.  I used to do alot of jumping off of high objects and buildings.  My left heel took the toll one time when I hit it on concrete too hard.  I thought it would just heal up eventually.  If I stand on it for too long I am engrossed with overwhelming pain and have to sit down.  This caused me to lose a restaurant job.

Any advice would help.




I forgot to add that I wake up with a sick stomach literally every day.  Is marijuana use causing this as well?  Supplied with hardly ever working out recently.  And an added amount of stress.



In no particular order, I am not a doctor by the way...

sick stomach, yes, this can very well be the mj, see the thread 'marijuana and stomach problems', especially the last pages.

stretch marks can be itchy and can easily be created in your youth from growth spurts and doing splits as you stated. If it is in the groin, be careful for fungus, dry it well after bathing/showering.

have you had photo's taken of your heel? Heels heal very badly, because it is such a dense piece of bone. Go see a doctor about that one!!!!! If there is a crack, don't let it crack further and see a specialist. If nothing is found, it might be psychogenic.

broken collar bone without noticing? I have a weird growth on my left collarbone also, maybe it had a crack once when I was young... wouldn't worry about it.

Are you drinking enough water? As alcohol also does this, it might have a bad influence on your eyes. MJ can also dehydrate certain tissues. Might explain your knees too...

sinus headaches... could be a lot of things, but maybe it's a triggerpoint in your neck or jaw muscles. This could also be related to you hearing. I advise seeing a doctor about this too..

Wrist, don't know... sounds like a psychogenic thing to me, but that just my hunch..

As you are a thrill seeker, I don't think you're an anxious person. You do seem to worry though about your problems, also about innocent things like your collarbone and a stretch mark. Weed can aggravate any anxiety/stress about your physique and make you focus on pain and even might create more/other pain and discomfort (sounds weird, but it can... search for TMS or MBS, do it, you might find a lot of things that you recognize). Just see a doctor about your problems to decrease the worrying and analyze for yourself if the MJ has a positive or negative influence on your state... good luck



Thanks MegAdam. :-) word