My heart aches, literally. It just suddenly comes whenever I'm lying, sitting or doing something. There would be this sharp pain causing me to gasp which would lead to this painful crushing feeling. I would feel myself breathless and my lungs demanding for oxygen but I can't take a deep breath because the pain will come back. It was like someone was crushing my heart. It would go for seconds to minutes. In result I take quick, short breaths to at least let me breathe then it would go away, just like that. I'm 17, a freshman college student and I walk everyday to and from school. My mother said that it may be caused by my lack of exercise since I get breathless easily but I can't stable it for minutes long. I think it was caused by a problem in my lungs when I was young but that was treated years before. I really want to know what's wrong with me and is it serious. I'm also praying it's really just lack of exercise since in my country you would rather keep this to yourself rather than spend a lot of money on medicines which we lack.