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My Hubby is gay?

He says he isn't but he has had sex with several male partners, all of them penetrate him and he says he loves to blow them too.

I sort of made peace with this but it still hurts me, he is the same man as he always been in bed with me, we have hot steamy sex several times a week, on weekends when we are  far more relaxed we have sex twice and sometimes three times in a row.

I am confused, why would he need to be penetrated by men?


Hi Guest

He obviously is gay or bi no matter what he says.
Putting a label on his sexuality probably should be the least of your worries.
He is cheating on you with other men and could be putting you at risk.
Aids and other STD's are a possibility.
Maybe the question that needs to be answered is do you need or want a husband that cheats on you with other men and puts you at risk.
Making peace with it is your choice.