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for around 3-4 month now my right testicle has been acheing,
it comes and goes every now and again during the day? I have been to the hospital twice before as i used to have a lump there but the hospital did an ultrasound scan and told me it was a cist and theres nothing they can do?
The lump has now gone (i think) and now my testicle has swollen and aches. I was also diagnosed with clamidiah aroung 4 weeks ago but they gave me a tablet and said it was cured but didnt do any other tests? There is no bruising or anything like that just simply aches and is swollen alot bigger than my left one. I am booked into the doctors next week but am afraid they will send me to hospital do a scan and tell me theyre fine like they did when i had the lump? i know something isnt right and it wasnt when i had the lump but theyre the experts i guess?

I really need some re-assurance that i am ok?
i am very parranoid and worried but have convinced myself everything is ok.


very appreciated


It's GOOD that you've got a doctor's appointment.
Keep it.

Be sure to tell them your recent history. Everything, including the clamidiah, treatment, and continued swelling and ache. Write it down as you did above, if you like, and hand it to the doctor if you can't speak or are afraid you'll leave something out. They need to know EVERYTHING to understand why you are afraid of being dismissed.

It's good that the hospital has ultrasound, and that they have looked for something. Those results should be made available to your doctor so that he understands what has been done and found...or not. It may save some additional testing, OR suggest some additional tests.

It's possible that all you need is additional support for your testicles and scrotum. Have you tried tighter undershorts? A supporter? A different style of shorts or underwear? Would you consider trying just one pair this week to see if it changes the ache or improves it?

Yes, they are the experts, but unless you tell all, and tell them the significant things that have helped, hurt, or been inconclusive, they are not all-knowing. You need to take charge of your healthcare, and if they haven't helped you, you need to report that and insist that you do get satisfaction.

You've taken the right steps to start.
Now follow through.

Good luck,
and let us know what comes of this.


hi kirk, thanks for your advice, i have wote m concerns down to take with me to the doctors. Maybe i do need tighter underwear? i never wear boxer shorts at all i wear normal shorts all the time? i will give it a go and see what happens. Thanks for your advice kirk, really appreciated


By tighter, I mean something with more support.

I guess this would mean something called "jockey shorts" instead of "boxer shorts". As I understand these nick-names, Jockey shorts cradle the testicle and scrotum with a support pouch... while the boxer shorts let them hang free without support.

I'm not suggesting that you strangle them or trap them so tightly that you have circulation issues or pinch yourself. Just more support. :-|


Hi there,

Apparently it's chlamydia. I had the same problem. About a week ago my left testicle began to ache; I described it as being tender. About five days later, I noticed a lump. I went to the doctor and the doctor gave me an STD test. Because the results take processing time, she referred me to the emergency room. The emergency room conducted an ultrasound and determined it was some sort of infection. Because they still did not have the STD test results, they treated me for chlamydia, gonorrhea and e cloi.

Today (three days later), the first doctor called me and told me that I have/had chlamydia. This came as a shock. I've had the same sexual partner for a year and the achy testicle was the only symptom (no discharge, painful urination, nothing). Assuming that my partner has remained monogamous as well, the chlamydia has remained dormant for over a year, or, in other words, since my last sexual partner (who did in fact develop chlamydia months after we hooked up and for some reason it did not concern me).

The pain in my testicle is now gone. The lump is still there but I believe, or hope, that its deminishing.

Good luck.