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i have a 10 year old sister and she had started to grow breastes but our mom is away to holland to do her work bout some project she has too do. but my sis has been complaining lately that her breastes hurt if she touches them or if somethin hits her. my big bro is in grade 11 and he usually has a lotto homework so we cant tell him. my sis Stephanie( her name is stephanie) has asize of them but the have not started to danngle low. oh what to do? should i buy her training bras from now? we asked our mom before she left but she said that it is not big yet but that as before!!!!!! she will be going to grade 5 on september and shes afraid that when she is going to change for gym,everyone will see her breastes and it hurts if someone huggs her tight and it is itchy sometimes!!!!!what to do? can anyone help us and send back a reply to this? we would really appreciate that!!

thx very much!


You should get her a training bra. She needs one if she's developing breasts. Her breasts are hurting because that's a part of puberty, it happened to me once, it will pass. These years are tough for a girl because everything is changing. All you need to do for her is listen to her and try to understand what she's feeling, I have no doubt that you will. You sound like a wonderful brother, I know you care so much about your sister. Good Luck! :)