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I took pregnancy test this morning and it turn out to be positive. As I calculated, I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I am not ready for it. We are practicing calendar method or rhythm for 3 years, and I just cant understand why I got pregnant this time. I have a daughter and she's 3 years old now. For the past 3 years, I have not been in a stable job. The same problem with my husband too. We're both unemployed at the moment. What worries me are the following:

A. My mother reminds me always not to be pregnant again, because if that happens, I will be totally stacked in the house taking care of my children and there be less time for me to get a job. If she finds out I'm pregnant again, she will be truly mad. (She got mad before when I was pregnant with my first child. I just graduated from college back then.)

B. My husband and I are unemployed, and for 3 years, fate is not cooperating with us. We've been praying and doing our best to get a job but we're still very unlucky. We think positively, that things happened for a reason, and things would come out okay at the right time, in God's time.

C. Lastly, I feel sorry for my daughter that she'll be having a sister or a brother soon. My point is, I cannot take care of her all the time anymore, and she's just 3 years old. I want to be there for her everytime, and make the most of her childhood. 

I just cant accept that I'm pregnant again, and I get the same feeling before. I'm scared, and just not ready. Please help me what to do. Tomorrow, I'll be having my check up with the doctor. 


I know your mother will be mad and you guys are going through a tough time but dont stress to much remember it is bad for the baby. Right now you are having a hard time. i understand. Sometimes things happen that are not always planned. 

Your mother has to realize you are a grown women and there you have needs. You wont be stuck in the house, there are a lot of free daycare and stuff out there for kids that will help. They will take your kids while you work or finish school or whatever your doing, being a stay at home mom isn't that bad. 

As for the job, try looking online, Google job listings in your local area, working at a small store or a restaurant  or take- out place is good too. 

Lastly don't feel bad for your daughter. she will love it. She will love this child from the moment she holds her. She will be the protective older sister. Get her involved with this child as much as you can.

Dont stress, relax and breathe. I know its hard , but it will all work out in the end. Everything happens for a reason. 



Hi, thank you for replying to this. You really made me cry while reading your reply. I am very thankful to you that you understand my situation. We are wishing that we could get job as soon as we can, and by that time, I'll be able to tell my mom, and maybe if she knew that we've got jobs, she won't get too mad. But I don't know, no one knows what will happen. I'm tired of hoping and praying and still, things won't happen the way we want them. I know God has plans for us, but I dont know if me, getting pregnant, is part of His plans. Or is this all our fault, that we relied too much on rhythm method. I am so disappointed that we did our best not to have another child, for 3 years, and why? why would I be pregnant this time when we are just using the same control for over 3 years? what went wrong? You know, I just cant accept this whole thing. I just dont understand and hope God will forgive me for behaving like this.

Anyway, thank you so much for replying. I'll be having my check up on Monday.