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ellllllllllllllllllllllo, world!:-|


i have bad breath :( and it smells even if i chew sugarless gum or brush my teeth (i know sad right!!) pretty lame and I've come to the conclusion the smell is coming from my tonsils but my tonsils are normal shape and size and the tonsil stones are inside mt tonsils so just rot and you know stink! :( i was just wondering how i can get my doctor to give me a tonsillectomy just cause of halitosis bad breath do yo have tips that gonna persuade the doctor? just wondering cause it sucks the smell i need help x:)!


Stop eating/drinking anything dairy immediately. Research alternatives to surgery. There are always side affects from surgery, if it is only that you don't have your tonsils to protect you from infections in the future. See a naturopath, they will be able to help you. Best wishes, someone who had the same problems and wishes they never had their tonsils out.