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This is my first time getting this.. I dont know what to do. Last week i was at the doctor and doctor assumed it was tonsillitis He gave me a penicillin shot, i did have white-ish spots on the right side of my throat. I wasnt really in a whole lot of pain, it was more uncomfortable than anything. Now 2 nights ago i noticed the other side of my tonsil had a big whiteish yellow chunk. I tried to get it out myself using a qtip but i just cant do it, I have a very bad gag reflex and i just do not feel comfortable sticking objects around my tonsils like that. I have been gargaling with mouthwash and warm water with salt but it hasnt been helping much. I am military stationed overseas so seeing a doctor can take a while.. it's Thursday night and I wont be able to see my doctor till monday afternoon. My tonsils have gotten more red and alot more swollen making it very difficult for me to eat/swallow. I'm just worried the swelling will get worse. Along with that i have a terrible ear ache and head ache. Would it be acceptable to go to the emergancy room? Would they even be able to help me there? (by removing stones) 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



since I'm going to the similar thing now, it sounds to me like you are having tonsillitis infection. One penicillin shot is not usually enough to treat tonsillitis infection effectively, so the chances are you'll have to go back to your doctor and get a full penicillin course or some other equivalent treatment.

But, in order to get more immediate help, especially if you have high fever together with the symptoms you described, it  would make sense to get to the ER - even if they don't do anything regarding the tonsil stones, they'll be able to help you with fever and pain and then your doctor will continue your treatment,

Wish you all the best,