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My uncle is struggling with a peptic ulcer, and I would like to give him a helping hand by doing as much research as I can on the internet, about natural cures for peptic ulcers. If you can help me by linking to good, solid websites with good information, that would be a great help!


Finally figured out i had an esophageal peptic ulcer after having over 2 months of severe chest pains. Stumbled upon a quick relief solution for the pain, eating high probiotic yoghurt. Upon going to the cardiac clinic to rule out heart problems the md assured me it was very likely a peptic ulcer given the symptoms and circumstances. The doc presribed me pantoprozole a PPI, which helped immensely, but was not a cure for the ulcer only reduced the severity of the pain.Once i read up on peptic ulcers i discovered that the majority of these are caused by H Pylori bacteria. So decided to try my own course of medication ... 3 times a day i mixed Sovereign silver with Pepto Bismol, also took probiotic pills and continued eating yogurt. Stayed away from alcohol, coffee, sweets, and breads completely. 10 days and the symptoms are gone completely.