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My problems started last June when I went on vacation with the familyand got sick. I woke at midnight with a severe bout of nausea and diarrhea with lighheadedness. The diarreah was so bad I couldn't make the 10 steps to the bathroom. It was black in color and looked like grainy pudding (sorry for the graphics). I went to an emergency clinic and the doctor gave me mediction to help with the neasea. When I got home, I scheduled a doctor visit with my PCP. She then referred me to a Gastroenterologis. She ran test (colonoscopy, upper GI, and sonogram) The sonogram detected a cyst on the liver and she wanted to monitor it. The neausea has been on and off since then. I was put on anit-inflammtory and muscle relaxers; however I had to get off the anti-inflammatory because it appeared they only made the problem worse.

Before Thanksgiving, I started having leg cramps that would wake me from my sleep. The cramps are severe at times to the point that I cry. they are in the front of the leg and the middle left toe just curles up. They have primarily been occuring at night. Right before Christmas I started having cramping in my right hand. On 12.31.08 I even went to the ER due to the hand cramping. They took x-rays and said it might be a pinched nerve in the nexk. I was referred to an orthepedic doctor. Like most doctors, he said it was not the nerve in my neck, he gave me anti-inflammatory and muscle drugs. When I told him about my problems, he said he would give me celebrax - no change.

Also during this time I got what I thought was a fever blisster but to date has not gotten any better. I have been to my PCP to get a complete physical and even went back to my cardiologist so he could check me out. When I told him my problems he referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist did some test in the office and also ruled out carple tunnel in the hand. Gave me a different anti-inflammatory and said not to take them till after I saw the liver specialist. She also took blood work to check potassium, electrolytes, and enzimes - all was normal) and said to eat a banana a day and drink 8 oz of cranberry juice daily.

On MLK day I was cleaning out my garage and my feet started to cramp, I got dizzy and lightheaded. I went inside, drank water and cranberry juice. I sat for a few minutes and then went back outside but had to go back in the house. I called the neurologist and she said to take the anti-inflammatory meds she gave me, which I did. I also took the anti-nausea meds the gastroenterologist called in. I slept through the night but woke with a headache. I laid in bed for a while and when I got up, got nauseated again. As I write this I am neuseated and even the smell of food makes me sick. I have lost weight this week and the back of the thighs also feel "achy" like I have been working out a long time. I also feel "shaky" inside. This morning I noticed my tongue was whitish/yellow.

Can anyone help or make a suggestion? I have been to a PCP, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, neurologist, determetologist, orthepedic doctor and have an appt. with a liver specialist. I am at my wits end!


You said the sonogram detected a liver cyst. Has your doctor determined what kind of cyst it is? You could have contracted some kind of parasitic infection such as echinococcosis or amoebic liver abscess while you were on vacation.