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Okay, I am unsure of weather or not I could post this topic here and hope to get advice. I am only seeking advice and to see if maybe I need to see my doctor.

I've been feeling Nausea for almost a month now and maybe a half. . . Can't remember, but I know it was at least a month. I have never had the urge to vomit anytime during that time. I have been eating saltine crackers and Ginger Ale to hopefully stop the nausea feeling. I've been having sex with my boyfriend for almost two months, but we used protection.

I thought maybe one of the nights, the condom broke and we didn't know it or failed to notice it and thought I might be pregnant because I was about two weeks late into my period. Then it came in unusual spotting which I went in to see my doctor and she stated it was from all the stress at work and I needed to releave the stress.

Anyways she told me it was nothing and I went back to my normal routine, then I started to notice the unusual nausea more and more but no urges to vomit.

Last Friday I was supposed to go to a night out with friends for a few drinks and had vomited (finally) that night at the place I'm dog sitting at. The vomit seemed to me very violent. (Meaning once I started, my body wanted to keep going.) Don't know if anyone has had that after vomiting.

Anyways, When I woke up Saturday afternoon (Sleeping in) I vomited again. But it wasn't as violent as the first one. Ever since then, I've been too afraid to eat anything other then piolet crackers, saltine crackers, and ginger ale with water when I was too afraid to drive to the store to get ginger ale. But afterwards, I was still feeling nausea and had asked advice from mother who gave me the suggestion to eat piolet crackers and drink ginger ale and water which I have been doing.

Then today at about 8:45 pm some where around there, I had the urge to vomit and couldn't stop it so I did, but I haven't eaten anything today but drink ginger ale. After I threw up, I told myself I had to eat something.

At first I thought I was pregnent becuase of a few nights of having sex with my boyfriend without protection, but I have had no craving to eat, infact it is the exact opposite. I don't feel like eating anything and I think the nausea has everything to do with my afraid to eat, but I have not been hungry.

I have had my unusual spotting of my period that come and go. Still does, but I have had no headaches or sign of feeling any sickness other then nausea. I still have the nausea feeling and have managed to control a bit of not wanting to vomit. (because it seems to me once I start, my body wants to keep going even when nothing comes out but spit.) I spotted a tiny bit of blood after my last one, but I figured it was becuase I had nothing to eat today.

Here is my question.

Is this some sort of unusual way of me being pregnant or is it something else? I've ruled out the possibility of a stomach flu.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully someone will respond with some advice.


Why haven't you taken a pregnancy test?

I've been having nausea for the past month and a half as well. But it doesn't get to the point where I vomit, just makes me not finish eating my food and just always feeling nauseas. I've been tired and a little sad these days too. Gained some weight even though my diet hasn't changed. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I still get my period, but it's been acting weird for the past year (spotting for a few days before and after my period). I've been to the doc about the period several times and all they say is to take birth control pills. I went to the doc about a month ago (had a cold and sore throat) cause I thought I had streap throat, but she said I might have the flu. I'm all better from the cold, but still nauseas as ever.

I've been researching online and I think my hormones are going crazy. I think I have high levels of estrogen or thyroid problems (since my aunt has it as well). So, I'm going to make an appointment with my doc and have her test my hormone levels/thyroid. You should probably do the same. I'll update the info after the doc's appointment. Hope you feel better.


I have been feeling nauseous for about 7mnths now and the last time i had sex was when I was sexually assaulted I have also been feeling weird pressured in my stomach is that a symptom of pregnancy