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PLEASE HELP! With advice

I am 9 weeks pregnant with twins and I am so nauseated I've been to the ER twice in one week because I'm throwing up Bio.....I am so hungry I just wanna eat and keep it down...:-( I am so sick oh and the zofran didn't work


Congratulations! :-) No one knows exactly what causes the nausea in pregnancy. There is no simple cure for pregnancy nausea; what 'works' will vary from person to person greatly. It is a miserable time for many, and sometimes it's just a matter of outlasting and surviving the nausea while still keeping intact the best nutrition possible under the circumstances. You should keep your blood sugar levels even by eating small, frequent meals high in protein and complex carbohydrates. Eat before you are hungry. Eat a substantial bedtime snack, including protein. Try eating before getting out of bed in the morning, then take it slowly.Be sure to get enough fluids.Try ginger. Ask your doctor about trying extra vitamin B-6. I hope this helps.