i have a really bad tendency of manifesting my emotional stress in to physical illness. recently, i've been dealing with some difficult issues, and because of this, i have had an extremely upset stomach. i am unable to keep down anything besides liquid and crackers, but even when i just eat those, i feel like i want to vomit. i don't normally have a huge appetite, but i do eat regularly, and as healthy as possible given the fact that i am a college student who is dependent on the cafeteria for meals. i've been drinking a lot of water, as well as some apple juice and vitaminwater . i've also been carrying a box of saltines around with me, but i have difficulty eating more than a couple at a time. i haven't eaten properly in a few days - the last time i had a full meal was about two days ago, but i could not keep any of it down. i'm normally at a healthy weight, though somewhat on the lower end for my height, however i've already noticed some weight loss. i've dealt with this before, but never as severely, and always with the assistance of my parents - this is the first year i'm living on my own. i also come from a large city, and i am currently living in a much smaller area, thus limiting my resources. how do i stop the nausea and begin eating again? what foods should i try eating first?