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I'm confused I'm told I'm 17 weeks 1 day pregnant due February 28th had sex more than 1 person first on 14th of may than other 29th of may who is the father and I can't go by last period bc my periods are not normal 


Hi Tanya,

Without regular periods it is difficult to determine who is the father without a DNA test being done.

17 weeks 1 day means your doctor estimates your last period started on May 24, 2017 as of today.

That would rule out the 14th May person as being the father.

The 29th May person is early, day 5 of your cycle.  Sperm is normally viable up to about 5 days max and you wouldn't be expected to ovulate until day 11, 6 days later, at the earliest.

Again, without regular periods we can't predict but in my opinion it is the 2nd person that is the father.

You will need that DNA test to confirm.