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Hi, I have missed my period since Feb. 14 and up till April 16th no periods. The first pregnancy blood test done confirmed I was pregnant, but the virginal scan did not confirm. I was given an injection and placed immediately on Dyhaston drug for 2 weeks. Another pregnancy blood test done a week ago, was negative. The virginal scan saw a very small embryo with no heart beat. I have no pregnancy symptoms, just pain on the nipples and sometimes fills full in my uterus. What could be happening. Anyone had similar issues like this before? Please help.



Hi Nelinca,

You were pregnant.  The positive blood test confirms it.  The test looks for hCG, a hormone made only by the developing fetus.  If you are now testing negative then you are likely having a miscarriage.

By now, approximately 10 weeks along, a heart beat should be detected.

Check with your doctor.