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Well I'm 19 and for the past 5 months my boyfriend and I have been using the "pull-out" method when we have sex. For the past week, I have been waking up feeling nauseated and going to bed feeling the same way. Usually I feel like this throughout the day but its not as bad as it is in the morning. I have to run to the bathroom what seems like 60 times a day. My breasts look and feel absolutely huge, I'm almost always feeling tired and the past two days it feels as though my uterus is stretching. I have taken a few home pregnancy tests but they all have came back negative. My last period was 2 weeks ago and I lasted only four days when it has always lasted at least seven days and was not as heavy as it usually is. I've never felt this way and I don't know if its because I'm pregnant or its from stress or nerves. Can someone please help? Thanks!


I would reccomend waiting until your next period is due and if you don't get one take a pregnancy test but it definately sounds like you are pregnant. It may be to early for a pregnancy test and it cannot read that you are if you are truly pregnant. If you really want to find out you should go to the dotor. When you had that short period, was it just spotting?