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Hi this is my third pregnancy my first is 5 years old an my second I had an ectopic pregnancy. They remove my right tube an found out my left tube was block, an that there no chance of me Eva getting pregnant again. Then I got pregnant again. I was shock. I went to see my gun an he was surprise. So anyway since I had an ectopic he was afraid that I might have another one. We did alot of follow up an ultrasound to see if everything was okay. Thank God he say it was an ectopic that this would be a normal pregnancy. So I was appointed to do bloodwork alot of internal u/s. My doc said that it was really low. :-( I was sad an scare at the same time. Then days lata I started to cramp an went to the bathroom an show that I was spotting. I went to the emergency room an was told there was no fetus. Sadly I went back home an had another u/s done the next day. They say everything is there. Wooo... Got me scare for nothing. Am still wondering why I was spotting?.. So I had a followup an was told by my doc that there a fetus measuring at 6.2 week but I suppose to be 8.5 week. So I started to get scare an worry cus we really wanted this baby. Mind you am still spotting hea an dea. So my doc told me It call a threatens abortion cus of the bleeding an no heartbeat that I might just have a miscarriage or do a d&c. Idk what to do. I think it still to early to even think beyond. So what should I do? Am scare an stress out to the max.


Sorry you are going through this. Having this uncertainty must be so hard. There is not really anything you can do except wait and hope. I wouldn't go for a d&c until you are certain this pregnancy cannot continue. Get them do at least a couple more scans to make sure of what is happening.

I've had 3 miscarriages, I know this is frightening to not know whats going on.

I wish you all the best.