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I have had 3 kids of my own, and my 18 year old sister is having her first one. She is said to be about 13 weeks and the doctor did an u/s and was unable to find a heart beat. They did both internal and external. They then came back in the room and said I am sorry your baby is dead. They did not tell her how far along the baby measured or even draw blood. She has had noooo discharge. There has been cramping bu they also told her that her uterus was thicker than a normal and that could be causing  She has also be constipated which can cause cramping. I think the doctor is jumping to conclusion because as soon as he said your baby has died he followed with you should have a D&C. Has anyone else had this and gone to another doctor to find out that all is well. Please, I need some good new, we didn't think she would be able to ever get pregnant so for her to be is a great blessing. 


Hi Miyo,

By 13 weeks they should be able to clearly find the heartbeat, easily.

You can always get a second opinion.