Hi, all!

I am 28 weeks (give or take, this is a matter of debate) pregnant and keep getting bad (or at least not GOOD) news during my prenatal visits.

My first visit at 12 weeks failed to produce fetal heart-tones and the midwife said I was measuring small (about 10 weeks). We went for an immediate ultrasound to find a viable 10 week sized fetus, and a non-viable twin who measured 8 weeks.

Our next ultrasound, exactly one week later, showed the viable twin measuring at 12 weeks and 3 days. This is where the dating confusion/conflict began. The midwife changed my due date to reflect the 10 week measurement of the first ultrasound, instead of going with the second...which would've put me a week and a half or so ahead.

When we went for an anatomy scan at what was supposed to be 25 or 27 weeks (depending on how you looked at the dates) and the small fry was measuring consistently at 23 or 23.5 weeks. They did a full scan. Heart looks OK, cord doppler was fine, physical anatomy checks out...just measuring small.

The perinatologist diagnosed Intrauterine growth restriction, but the midwife believes it is a dating issue. We decided not to worry too much about the size, and just see how things progress. I went in for a follow-up cord doppler a week later (for peace of mind) and it looks like nutrients, oxygen, etc are translating well to the baby. Good news. The perinatologist suggested a full growth scan 3 weeks after the initial anatomy scan just to verify that SOME growth is occurring regardless of whether it is "on schedule" or not.

Today would be that 3 week mark...

HOWEVER, at my regular checkup two days ago, the baby was displaying an irregular heartrate and I was sent immediately to OB triage for a non-stress test. Again, small fry seemed fine, with a regular heartbeat hovering around the 150's.

The midwife decided to schedule our next growth scan and cord doppler for ANOTHER 3 weeks out, instead of today. I believe this is because the perinatologist was using a different due date and requested the scan at X number of weeks.

So my question/confusion is the following:

-given the rocky start and occassional odd finding...how worried should I be? I can't seem to reconcile dating (regardless of how many times we go over my chart)...so I'll assume that the baby is somewhat small, but probably not tragically so. However, we seem to keep getting conflicting news. Eradic heartrate...clear non-stress test. Small for gestational age scan...clear anatomy scan.

What would the appropriate level of concern or course of action be here, in your opinions?

Thanks so much!