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I did a pregnancy test on Sunday as i knew i was pregnant, i was due my period the 12th of feb, the test was positive. me and my bf were thrilled we weren't planning but were delighted with the good news. i went to the doc and his test was negative. i had started having brownish discharge on sat night, light enough like the end of a period. this was before i did the test on Sunday. as the brown dishcarge continued the doc told me on Monday i was already miscarrying. i'm devastated and can't believe it. Its wednesday now and i still haven't had blood just the dishcarge. my breasts hurt more today then they did at the weekend, the doc told me the tenderness would reduce each day it hasn't. the doc told me to expect blood flow and cramps like a heavy period. when can i expect the blood to come?
i hope somebody can help me, i'm going out of my mind.

thanks for reading

Nuala xx


firstly i am sorry for what you are going through i have had 2 miscarriages, one at 8 weeks but wasnt discovered till my 13 week scan, and one last october at 20 weeks. your body will still be trying to produce the pregnancy hormone so the tenderness in your breasts will stay probably a couple more days even as much as another week, the bleeding should start properly in the next week or so, if it stays the same or starts to smell or you get bad cramping go straight to A&E and get them to check you out, have a hot bath that can help sometimes, (not too hot that it makes you dizzy or scolds you though!) if you've had no bleeding by monday go back to your doctor and ask for a scan to be done as an emergency, that will tell you whether the fetus has been expelled or not, but do be aware of any bad pains, as this could indicate an ectopic pregnancy... im sorry again for ur loss i know what you are going through, its hard but you will get through it i promise... take care and i hope this nightmare is over for you soon x