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every time my partner blows his nose he gets blood on the tissue could you please explain why this happens as its starting to worry us thank you.

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Lots of times when one blows their nose, it could bleed, (not gush) but slight. This could be from your climate or from the condition of the climate inside your home. If you live in a dry climate this could aggrivate the tiny blood vessels in the nose making the dry. When the nose is blown, the little vessels will crack and bleed.
The same thing could happen inside your own home. If your home is dry, especially at nite while sleeping, the little vessels will again, dry out and crack. Try a humidifier in your bedroom or place one in your living room. You can buy them for cheap at a Walmart or Kmart, they are no more than 20 bucks for the model that just sits on the table or dresser. You need to push some moisture into the air. Place a towel on top of a plastic bag, sort of like a folded garbage bag under the humidifier so that you won't get water stains on the furniture. You will notice the moisture in the air as you will feel it on certain things or your mirrors will fog a little.
Another sign of very little moisture in the nose is dry mucos (boogers), that you may have a hard time getting out.