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It is winter time and we are all turning on heaters and such at night.  My nose has gotten so dried out I have sores inside it.  They are so painful espsecailly when I have to blow my nose.  I also have been getting nose bleeds.  Does anyone have any ideas?


I emphathize with you!  We have been experiencing nose bleeds and dry nasal passages since this cold weather has came about.  :  I would suggest getting humidifiers for your bedroom to add moisture to the room when your heaters are running.  This will help out a lot.  You can also put baby oil or Vaseline inside your nostrils to help soften up the nasal tissue.  I don't like Vaseline myself because it is so thick in consistency, but it would work if you choose to use it.  There are nasal sprays you can buy OTC to help replace the moisture inside your nares and offer you relief.  The sores will have a chance to heal up then, too.