Okay guys I have dealt with this since I was a child. It only happens wen it's cold out and causing me to blow my nose it gets raw and irritated then the blisters start showing up and it spreads very fast. The cure that I have found is by being very careful and popping the blisters with a tissue so that the infected pus does not touch any skin that is not infected if it does than that skin to will develop blisters it is painful to do this yes but it speeds up the process better then I apply herpecin L to it all day so it is never dry any chance I get. It works for the pain when the blisters are not full yes it leaks and u need to carry a napkin or something for that leak dab don't wipe. Wiping can cause more irritation and it will reset the blisters. Take showers be sure to was it will it will hurt but it works to get them gone. I have had a very bad case where the blisters took over both nostrils and started down to my lips as well as inside the nose and one the sides and top. It's not fun and very painful. Wat I have found to do is painful but works if u do it precise and saves on medical bills herpecin L is very good and it smells good to put it on top of the blisters any area that is red. Don't touch it unless applying the chapstick trust me it works and mothers for ur children don't pop the blisters just take some tissue and press it to the blisters it will still hurt but that way any that r ready will bust like I said if the infected pus touches good skin it can and will spread after pushing on them dab with clean tissue for each dab until no more pus the apply the chapstick. I hope this helps some of u and no there is no cure basically if u got the same thing I don't clod climate will sick because basically if u blow your nose too much it will happen best advise if u start getting a runny nose take musinex and try not to blow ur nose a lot because for the people like me it doesn't matter wat kind of tissue u use it will happen because your nose is sinisitive warm climate will be ur best friend