I have suffered from nasal infections for quite a few years. Symptoms start with a tingling sensation, followed by a raised lump of skin at the site which soon turns to what looks like a boil or large blister. These sores weep become red and infected with the unmistakable sign of infection in the form of yellowness which eventually crusty. My most recent outbreak has caused me to hibernate at home as the sores are unsightly. A few days after the infection has gone (thanks to antibiotics) new skin under the sore is formed and finally (about 10 days after the initial outbreak) the dead skin layer on top can finally be removed to reveal new skin underneath. Only after that do I feel ok about venturing out into the world again. Does anyone else have these sorts of infections? If so, are there ways of avoiding these outbreaks or managing the symptoms? I have found most creams like zovirax unaffective. Please help, any feedback will be appreciated.