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hi i recently had a very small small amount of blood show on a peice of toilet paper after i had wiped several times so i went to ask my mom what it could be well both my parents were fairly certain it is hemorrhoids as my father suffers from reacurring hemorrhoids from his job so they bought me some preparation h wich seemed to help but after using it for about 4 days i stopped and it still feels like i have alot of pressure when i sit or even somtimes when i stand the problem is im not sure if its actually hemorrhoids as i cant see anything unusual in the mirror however it feels very tight arround the end of my but

oddly enough i dont rele have that much itching and i have only bled twice
i was wondering if this is really hemorrhoids or not and if so how do i get rid of them ur advice would be much appreciated o and i am 16


Do your parents have insurance that you are covered under? If so get yourself to the doctor asap and get it checked out. If it is not a hemorrhoid, for now on take vein strengthening medication, like horse chestnut pills. Take them for the rest of your life and do not push while going #2 and eat your vegitables and drink fiber suppliments.

I thought I was young. I am 29 but I hear kids get this too. Hope you dont have a hemorrhoid and hang in their.