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Hi. I also have hemorrhoids and i only found out about it earlier when i took a shower. I had a protruded skin outside my anus, it is small. I have it for years. It is painless. And i usually push it inside the anus after i eliminate. It is painless at all. And i had 2 or 3 elimination with blood. It happened a very long time ago. And it doesnt bleed now. But now, a small pea size lump grown outside of my anus. I dnt remember being constipated at all. I do regular exercises and eat healthy foods. Oatmeal which is rich in fiber too. I dont understand why it appeared. The lump is painful but bearable. Not too painful maybe in a scale of 10 being the highest, it would be 3 or 4. It is quite red. Im just not comfortable about it now and it makes me nervous. Will it disappear on its own? Is it self limiting? I dont want to consult to a doctor right away bec i wanted to try some remedies. Please help me.


Hi there, I wrote the book, Don’t Panic They’re Just Hemorrhoids. Since your lump has been like it is for years then it may not go away, but let’s try anyway and see how you go.

In the future, it’s best to address hemorrhoids as soon as you know you have them. They’ll go away a lot quicker that way.


Sounds like you have a healthy diet, however there are other factors that cause hemorrhoid swelling.


1) Irritation


2) Straining - this can be sitting on the toilet or lifting heavy weights etc.


3) Sitting or standing in the one place for too long.


I go into more detail in the book, which you can search anywhere online and download from Smashwords.


To minimise irritation, wipe with good quality toilet paper and dab some Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera on there. Organic if you can. Don’t clean with soap, clean with another product that is easier on the skin. Alter your position on the toilet so you don’t kink your bowel. Lean forwards a little and try to mimic a squatting position.


Again, I go into much more detail in my book and go over many topics that should aid you.


Hope this helped.