:-D I had the surgery back in December 05, because i had so much pain before and after my periods, but the pain wouldnt go away even without my periods. It interfered with work and home life. They thought i was having heavy periods, but my periods would run from 1-3 days in the last 5 yrs before surgery. So this pain didnt make sense and my doctor couldnt figure it out, so he sent me to a GYN doctor/ surgeon, she told me about this surgery and i had it done. it was awsome, i had no discharge or periods after surgery. THE PAIN is gone completely!! I feel very sorry for the women here. Still having periods and pain. I know the surgery doesnt completly shun the periods( that all have to do with luck) but i think the surgery went wrong, as like the lining of the uterus wasnt completely burnt off. If I was you I would go and have that checked out and see if the lining was completly burnt.