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Why I’m Writing This:  So hopefully you won’t be as scared of the procedure as I was.

My Stats:  50 years old, have always had 10 day periods, developed small fibroids and was spotting most days between my periods.  Had my Novasure procedure done at an outpatient surgical center under general anesthesia.

Day 1

4:45 AM – This is perhaps the worst part, having to be up this early and not being able to have coffee.  (Nothing to eat or drink after Midnight the night before.)

5:30 AM – No earrings, no rings, no wedding ring, no watches, no bracelets, no body jewelry.  It all stays home.

6:00 AM – Intake paperwork.  I get asked at least 10 times if I’ve had anything to eat or drink.  I get asked at least 5 times about allergies.  They are very through.

6:30 AM – I take off all my clothes and change into a paper gown and socks with grippers.  They put compression booties on my lower legs – those will prevent any blood pooling in my legs.

6:45 AM - The surgical nurse visits me in my pre-op room.  She double checks all my paperwork, double checks that I know what I’m having done, and double checks that I haven’t had anything to eat or drink.

7:00 AM – The anesthesiologist visits me in my pre-op room. She is super and asks me again if I’ve had anything to eat or drink and what I’m there for.

7:15 AM – My gynecologist visits me in my pre-op room to see if I have any last minute questions.

7:20 AM – I kiss my Hubby and walk into the operating room.

7:25 AM – They have me hop up on the table, lay me down, wrap me in blankets, put on the monitors, inflate the compression booties, and the anesthesiologist gets to work finding a vein in my hand.  I don’t have good veins, so she has to switch hands, but nails it easily on the second hand.  “Stick, sting, and a little burn.”  She starts up some conversation about what I do.  (There are 2 schools of anesthesiologists, the count-backwards-from-10 kind and the tell-me-about-what-you-do kind.)  I chat a bit and then say, “The edges are starting to get a little fuzzy.”  Her saying, “That’s just what we want!” is the last thing I remember.

9:30 AM – I wake up in the recovery room, and the nurses are surprised that I sit right up.  My throat is really dry, but before I could say anything they already brought me a cup of water and a straw.  Then they brought some juice and graham crackers.

9:35 AM – Hubby joins me in the recovery room.  The recovery nurse sees I’m doing great and asks if I want to rest or go on to the next step.  I’m ready to go, so she brings my clothes and a huge maxi pad and Hubby helps me dress.   I go and sit in the recovery room waiting area while Hubby brings the car around.

10:00 AM – I’m home.  I feel pretty groggy and a little crampy.  I take 2 Tylenol and make some coffee.  Ahhhh, coffee!

10:30 AM – Still a little groggy, but I get *really* hungry!  I’m supposed to eat light, but I have a bowl of leftover pasta, some snacks, some more snacks.

11:30 AM – I’m feeling less crampy, but a bit bloated.  Still very hungry, I get Hubby to drive me out for fast food burgers.  I realize during the drive that although I feel less groggy, there is no way in heck I could have driven.

11:45 AM – Lunch, yum!  After lunch I lose all the grogginess completely.  I realize, duh, I was so hungry because I had drugs and basically had “the munchies.” LOL!

3:00 PM – Feeling good.  No cramping, bloating feeling is going away, feel very alert.  Just some minor watery spotting so far.

Day 2

11:30 AM - Almost no spotting overnight.  Feel just a bit out of sorts.  Nothing specific, other than a really scratchy throat.  Shower feels great!  (No showers for 24 hours after, no baths for 48 hours after.)  I definitely am bloated – my weight is up 4 pounds, my shoes barely fit, and I’m spilling over my bra.

7:30 PM – A very uneventful day.  Very minor watery spotting during the day.  I do have to pee a lot today, though.

Day 3

2:00 PM – An easy night.  No spotting at all.  I start to wonder why I’m sleeping in a maxi pad made for a horse.  (No tampons for 2 weeks after.)  My weight is back down 3 pounds.  Having a little minor cramping today, took 2 Tylenol.

5:00 PM – Finally bleeding a little.  This actually made me feel better because I was wondering when it would start.  Very thin and watery, though.

Day 4-Day 12

As the week went on more and more watery spotting each day – like you took a spoon of water and put a drop of blood in it for color.  Still, not more than a pantyliner every 3-4 hours.  Occasional, “Ewww, that feels wet!” moments.  Some slight, slight cramp and some low backache.  Hubby is getting a little “antsy.” (No intercourse for 2 weeks after.)

Day 13

Had my follow-up exam.   Everything was normal.  Biopsies were as expected.  My gynecologist cleared me for using tampons, hot tubs, and intercourse.  (Yay!)  Still getting watery spotting, though.  I’ve gone from annoying spotting a few days a month, to annoying spotting every day.  My doctor said to give her a call if it hasn’t stopped in a week.

Day 21

Still spotting.  Not much but enough to leave a thin yellow mark on a pantyliner. Tomorrow I call the doctor again.

6 weeks later

The spotting finally has stopped.  I’m “unusual” that I’ve spotted so long.  It was annoying, but not painful or harmful.

2 months later

Yes!  I’m one of the lucky ones.  No more periods. The official stat is that 40% will not have periods after, but my Gyn said that in her experience it’s more like 75%.  I haven’t gotten up the courage to throw out all my tampons yet, but soon. : )  Now the bills are coming in.  All total it will be about $1000 after insurance, but I’m still glad I did it.

Well, this was long, but I really hope it helped you!


Hi, I had Endometrial Ablation 14/09/2011. Had general and when I came onto ward the pain was bad in stomach. It was a constant pain and not mild. I was still spotting when I came out of surgery.

I was very dizzy afterwards, even sitting up in the hospital bed made me feel faint!

I managed to get to the toilet and urinate. I took it really steady as was already lightheaded.

The nurse advised that I could go home but she had no problems with me staying because of the pain and dizziness. I had more pain relief from the nurse who said it would take the edge off the pain. It didn't. I made myself eat a sandwich and drink a cup of tea so that I could go home. I knew if I went home I would get more rest than in hospital.

I took my co-codamol pain killers regular as the pain was quite bad.

I slept a lot over the next 4 days. Visitors were very welcome but did tire me out quickly. I stopped losing blood and was losing a yellow discharge which was quite runny. I showered and changed pad regularly. Its only been 7 days post op. I still have mild pain in stomach. The thing that has hurt me more is my going to the toilet and opening bowels. I had op on the Wed and hadn't opened bowels from the Tue until the Saturday. This hurt like hell and I've bled since. I think I may have tore, I'm not sure. It is getting better though.

I didnt have a period as such, I was on a constant heavy period for 6months and was very very drained. I'm only 7 days post op. It is worrying because no-one tells you what happens next. I'm hoping it will work out. My follow up is December 2011. You have to give time for your wounds to heal and settle down. Only time will tell now and I'm taking things a little more steady.


Thank you so much for all of the in-depth information.  I am now 6 days post-op and am so glad that I had this procedure.  My experience was very similar to yours.  Only I had a few complications and needed to stay overnight. Nothing terrible, just had low blood pressure that needed monitored.  I have nearly slept this last week away, which was not all that bad.  Thankfully the pain has been kept at bay with medication, but I also had a tubal ligation so it was slightly more invasive.  I am looking forward to knowing how well this will turn out.  I had solid 10 day periods, and was unable to do all the things that I wanted to.  I had to double up with a super-plus tampon and an industrial sized pad due to a soak through every half-hour.  I am 37 years old, and I wish that I had done this years ago!  I have an extremely low pain tolerance and after going through this procedure, I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers with not being able to lead out normal activities during their menstrual cycle.  
Best wishes


Have you stayed period free? I had a period for about 1 year after the procedure they only lasted about 1-2 days and were light. Then I stopped for about 4 months. The last 2 weeks I have been spotting off and on... not sure if this is normal or not.


Hello, I thought I would write a slightly more positive experience of Novasure EA as well. I had read some of the stories before and expected the worst. I had all the symptoms described except not to such a degree. My op was on 14/09/2012 and I am writing this 18days later and feeling back to normal except the yellow discharge which I am told is due to the internal scabbing healing. From the start I hardly bled and have only needed to use a large but normal panty liner. I was due a period the week after the op which never arrived. I only had minimal bleed the first couple of days which changed to brown/red after. About a week this changed again to a pink/brown watery one . This was a bit annoying as you could feel a slight flooding at times but after about 11 days it was yellow which is minimal. The things that were annoying was the cramping on and off and the bloating which is now reduced slightly. As my sister works in a hospital she advised me to completely rest for first week and as I was anaemic to take vitamin C and E on top the iron tablets as this will aid the production of red blood cells and boost the immune system . I found when I did too much I had more cramps and more discharge so I followed her advice and found I felt much better and just the odd cramping etc. Doing too much is easily done but if you can feel back to normal quicker then it’s worth it as you are healing. I waited 16 days to have sex and everything was as normal for all those that would like to know! Hopefully things will continue to improve.



thanks for that experience. What about the weight? Did the extra weight stay on?


I had a similar experience to yours. I thought I was in heaven after my ablation. My periods were mere spotting. Well, wouldn't you know, about a year and a half after the surgery is when all hell broke loose. THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE. I have had 7 children, and NONE of their births hurt as bad as the pain I get each month when I have my period, which, is still only spotting. I truly think that what I have researched is true, that the blood gets trapped and it causes the pain. Good luck to you and I hope you stay on the "heaven" side, and dont end up in the "hell" so many others of us are in.



The surgery and days and even 2 years following was great! After 2 years the bad started kicking in; terrible pain in over right private parts, back pain, headaches, nausea and vomiting during my small cycle.
Please rethink this procedure. If you want a quick fix have it done, if you want to live a normal life long term don't have it done!