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I experience numbness and tightness running from my heart area(left chest) to behind and on my left ear.I noticed it first in my ear being completely numb.It hasnt gone away now after days but gotten worse.everytime i lean my head to the right it becomes VERY noticable.i have used iv drugs and smoked crack cocaine,but it became noticable after i fell asleep sitting up with my head leaning forward resting on the left side of my chest.

please respond soon.thank you


This is perplexing. Did you have a recent cold or flu. Could this have resulted in an untreated infection that is still lingering. Your current drug use would also affect your lungs, sinuses, etc. It sounds like these two things might be good guesses in regards to these symptoms? In either case, chest pain is involved and that makes it serious. A visit to a medical office or clinic may be unavoidable. You would not want to have a life-threatening situation that goes untreated. I hope that you will seek out a medical clinic, etc. soon to find the cause(s) of your symptoms. Best wishes to you. I hope that you will find answers soon.