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Hey....I was reading what everyone is experiencing, and I have the same exact thing. I was reading on just Anxiety and it only talked about having the scared feeling and panic attacks or whatever. Well, mine is about hurting someone I love. I hate the feeling, because it feels like I may actually do something to hurt them (even though I know I won't)! I am scared!!!!

It made me feel a little bit better though to see that there are people out there that feel the same way. I am scared every single day of my life because of these thoughts. The weird thing is that I can go for days without having these thoughts, then all of a sudden they come back! Doctors thought it was just premenstrual dysphoric disorder, but these thoughts happen even if I'm not even near my period.

Anyway, I want to know if these things do get better in time? I really don't want to be put into any pills. But is there anyone out there that are taking something for it?


I am right there with you. I have been suffering with GAD and panic attacks for years. I often have thoughts and then urges of doing something terrible to someone I love. After tons of therpay, I have learned that a thought is just a thought, nothing else. Just because you think that does not make it true.
If you dont want to be put on medicine (i dont either) Try working out and taking B vitamins. After a while you wont even think about them any more. The thoughts will go away.


I suffer OCD myself, along with anxiety. It must be said that OCD never truly goes away (at least this is what i have experienced and been told by doctors and other websites). It can be treated through therapy(usually behaviour therapy) and medication.

The difference with OCD and a 'psychotic' disorder(amongst other things), is that with thoughts of killing or hurting someone, very, VERY rarely come true with OCD and is usually considered a normal part of OCD for some people.

I have often had urges to hurt people i love and care for, and it worried me alot. Still does a bit. However i obviously haven't done anything to hurt them and i severally doubt i ever will.

We all suffer mild OCD at some point in our lives and this type of OCD will go away, and may never really return. But, what i call 'proper' OCD to my knowledge, as i said, cannot be cured.

Also, dont discount taking medication. It helped me greatly.