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I have this knot on the left side between leg and groin it doesn't hurt but it don't feel right doctor told my it could be a swollen gland but come to find out I have a bacteria infection in my lower intestine.I want to know if anyone else have gotten a infection in the lower intestine scared.


Hello Dawn,

It is very possible that you have a swollen  gland on the left side of our leg and groin areas as there are glands there.  You have lymph nodes in that region and they are there cleanse lymphatic fluids of pathogens.  If you have a lower intestinal infection (colon) chances are the lymph nodes in that region are cleaning that up for you.  The same think happens in the neck region you have have an infection.  Your lymph nodes there swell up because you are making more white blood cells to take out the infection.  You have cells then you did before so the area expands pushing outward making for lumpy areas on your skin.  Sounds like you'll be okay for now but if it doesn't go away soon you may need to take an antibiotic to help your system out.