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i have not been eating anything out of the ordinary and my schedule has stayed largely the same, but i've been seeing oil droplets floating in the toilet when i have gone to urinate and defecate within the past three days.

on the first day, the oil droplets were a bright deep yellow that showed up brightly on toilet paper.
on the second day, they were a deep golden color.
today, they are a dark moss green.

i have no idea what the problem may be. i have had no other physical changes other than my very first breakout ever in 25 years of living, which i am still dealing with.



In know for a fact that oily substances in the stool might be caused by the bad absorption of the fat cells in the organism. I am not sure but in my opinion this might be related to the oil in the urine as well. Now the thing is that you would need to test the samples of your urine and stool in the hospital to find the right cause of this condition. Unfortunately I have to tell you that the changes in the color of urine might indicate that you have blood in the urine which may be caused by some problem in the bladder or your kidneys. Have you noticed any pain in your kidneys in paste several days?