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I've been on Yaz for a year and a couple months. I take it at the same time everyday. I started the placebo pills on Oct. 6 (Wednesday). I had unprotected sex on that Thursday night (the 7th) and got my period between Friday night and Saturday morning. My period was normal and lasted the usual number of days. However, this past Thursday, my stomach has been hurting and bowl movements have changed. Could there be a possibility I'm pregnant? Or is it too soon to be feeling symptoms?

Please help, I greatly appreciate it!


The pill is generally considered to be approx 97% effective. Whether that missing 3% is due to failure of the pill, or failure of the user, is difficult for science to determine, but bottom line is, if you followed the prescription (and what a nice change to hear, really), and you had your period, then that was a model, perfect, month.

If somehow either your impregnated egg survived a full and normal period, or a rogue sperm did likewise and managed to hang around for the next ovulation, then you really would have to be pushing the odds against you, to say the least. Nature must surely want you to be pregnant, if that's the case (and since you were smart and sensible enough to be 'professional' in taking the pills, maybe she has good reason).

I'd be more concerned about what you ate, but unlikely isn't impossible: someone does, after all, win the lottery.

The only way I can conceive of a sperm surviving that - and we're really stretching at straws here - is an ectopic pregnancy, which given its nature, is a disturbing possibility... but that's only saying that if the 1 in a million shot does happen, how would it have been possible.

For now, if you're concerned, as always, go check it out, with a doctor or clinic.

You've over shot on Plan B, and elected (and I use the word advisedly - it's a perfectly rational choice) not to use the condom, so really now it's time to wait, get on with your life, and maybe take a little time out to think about the issues: how would you deal with pregnancy, termination, etc.

If you really do believe you can have got past the firewall, getting pregnant despite the pill and a period, then you're going to find out (we might hope) next month, but really, I'd be in Central Park UFO spotting as a higher probability of a sighting, right now.