Hi! I have been unwell for years now. The symptoms always include upset stomach. I have been to the doctor and he diagnosed gastritis (mild) but now i am having a severe attack with kidney symptoms like less urination dehydration and low abdominal and back pain, pins and needles in feet and leg, itchy ears nose and eyes. Last time four years back i had same symptoms and i had an ultrasound of liver, kidneys whole abdomen, blood test, urine test, kidney and liver function, stomach endoscopy, H.pylori test. All were normal and fine except that I had high levels of ESR (45), low HB (11.0), low RBC (3.9), low HCT (33) and slightly raised globins (3.6). My doctor was not concerned and told me i had IBS but ii feel very sick sometimes and imagine all kinds of diseases. I have been to several doctors and they say the same! I feel like i have an infection but its not appearing in the results. Is it my imagination? Everyone in my family says that i am making this up but its not the case. I want to FEEL healthy but it's not happening. What should I do?