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Good day all. I have a question for you who have experience with dogs. I don’t have a dog.

My sister bought Manchester terrier three weeks ago. It is not a puppy, he is almost one year old.

But, as soon as she bought him, she had some accident with him. He jumped in the pool and he got sick.


Very soon after this, he started to have some symptoms, that indicated on some kidney issues.

She told me that her friend told her that this dog breed can have chronic kidney failure, according to symptoms.

Can you tell me what are the symptoms? 


Hello. I am not really sure what did you wanted when you told us that he jumped in the pool. Do you think that he could catch cold because of it? I am not sure, but I think that this is not the reason why he has some kidney issue. Or, you just found out about this because he went in the pool. I am not sure, but it doesn’t matter. Here are some symptoms: lethargy, diarrhea, depression, weight loss, vomiting, he is thirsty often, lack of appetite, blood in the urine… Those are some symptoms…Now, you should tell her to visit the vet. Those are really sensitive dogs. 



Manchester terrier  <3 Oh I love them so much. If I ever get the chance to buy or adopt another dog, it will most definitely be Manchester terrier. 

They are very sensitive dogs though. Your sister needs to take good care of him. 

Chronic kidney failure is actually chronic kidney disease. It describes the gradual loss of kidney function and it progresses over time. 

In the early stages of this disease, many dog owners don’t notice any signs or symptoms.  Later, one can notice nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation,  fatigue and weakness, weight loss, blood in urine, sleep problems etc. 



That is one really nice, adorable dog :) They are rare in my country, but they are so cute. As far as I know, they are really sensitive as well, and you need to take a really good care of them.

There are really a lot of causes, and they can include age, vital infections, bacterial infections, cancer, trauma, toxic reaction…

Sometimes, you can’t see the symptoms. But, some of the symptoms are lack of appetite, your dog is refusing to eat, he is week, if you notice blood in his urine, if he is not sleeping like he used to – those are the symptoms. 



My dog died because of kidney failure.  

I had no idea his kidneys were damaged until it happened. I blame myself every day.  

The vet says he was old, he wouldn’t make it anyway, but I keep thinking that if only I knew before, I could’ve stop it. 

I read a lot about kidney failure in dogs since then and he really didn’t have any symptoms that would indicate he has problems with his kidneys. 

 Most common symptoms are: 


 weight loss, 




 acute blindness,


increased thirst,

 lack of appetite, 

 seizures and comas, 

 blood in the urine etc.



Hi everybody, I have seen a few cases of kidney failures in the past year. My close friend happens to be a vet and I really love dogs, so I sometimes make him company while he is working, since he doesn’t mind. He had a Samoyed on his table when I went to see him three weeks ago. When I asked what’s wrong with him, he said to me that he had kidney failure. He told me that it’s a disease which doesn’t have a cure, but if it’s noticed on time, it can be treated so it doesn’t progress too fast. The symptoms that the owner of Samoyed noticed where diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss without any change in the dog’s diet.



Hello. Like others told you, there are so many symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, but I think that you can be silly, if you don’t notice those symptoms as well. Of course, some symptoms can be similar to some other disease, and that is one more reason why you should visit your vet. Chronic kidney disease occurs over a period of months, to ears. It is a leading cause of mortality in dogs and morbidity. So, it is not something that you should just let go. When you notice that your dog is acting a little bit strange, you should find out as soon as possible what can be the cause. Good luck!





This can be a really hard disease. I know a lot of my friends, who haven’t notice that their dogs were sick, until something bad happened to them.

As you can see, this can happen.

This usually can be caused by the normal aging process, duet to the declining function of the kidneys with time. Well, the most common signs of this is:

  • Increased water intake and 
  • Frequent urination.

Those are just attempts to the body to compensate for a loss of kidney function, flushing waste products that have accumulated in the bloodstream.

It can be very, very serious. 

Good luck!