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Oay im 17

one of my testicles is larger than the other, just recently
This has been going on for a few months

Im to scared to go to a doctor, i cant talk about it :-(

My penis isnt 100% as it used to be, i dont get full enough erections anymore

I also get a weird tingling sensation and my left nut, the one that istn swollen seems to hang lower than usual..

Do i go see my FAMILY doctor about this? Im nervous...shes a woman and it makes me feel uncomforatable cause shes like 50 or soemthing you know.. idk maybe im just a sucker haha..

Any help?


At age 17, your body is not yet done growing and developing.


However, any extreme pain, unusual lumps, bumps, pain, tenderness, etc should be checked out by a doctor.
You may be nervous about seeing your 50 year old family doctor, especially if she's a woman, but believe me, she has already seen it all. You are not the first teen to notice variations in their genitals.

If you have symptoms of pain, nausia, tenderness that might indicate a torsion or twisting of the testicle, see a doctor or ER immediately.
Otherwise, you can bring up your concerns at your next regular doctors visit, for any reason. Believe me, they'll appreciate your speaking up and will be able to reassure you if nothing is out of order.

Let us know what comes of this, OK?


im not exactly sure, im just worried that ive put it off too long already and its something seriously wrong,
you made me feel a bit better, but im not sure how to tell my mom to make me a dr appt... (my dad is no longer around)

And it would be awkward to have to talk about this, we arent all that close.. So im kinda nervous still.
Ive tried to bring it up to her even and its scares meee... hehe :-(


Another way to approach this is to speak with your coach at school.
You may be in a sport or at least have a phys ed teacher who might be able to guide you.
Just ask to speak to them in private, and ask how to proceed.

At age 17, you ought to be able to schedule a doctors appointment by yourself, or if you prefer, go to a medical clinic on your own.

Let us know what turns out.


to be honest, i have nothing like that.
Maybe im just being negative but i cant exactly go to the medical clinic by myself, i have no drivers license or car even. And the buses dont run to where my doctor is. Maybe if i just tell my mom its for something else,...

Everythig i say to a doctor is confidential right?


In the USA, information disclosed is protected by the Patient-Doctor confidential relationship. In your country, there may be a different standard.
But yes, your doctor needs all the information you have to be able to treat you correctly.

I'm not sure I'd agree that you should tell your Mom a falsehood in order to get to see a doctor.
However, if you are in pain, or extremely worried, I would urge you to take steps to seek treatment immediately.

Most teens notice variations and anomolies in their genitality that they hadn't noticed at younger ages. If you are not in pain, you might consider just holding your questions until the next regularly scheduled doctor visit...whether it is a camp physical or for an illness.