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ive been depressed since i was little and now i am depressed about my labia being larger the the other one i know its normal the doctor said it was but i just looks digusting to me i push myself away from boys because of it i had went out with this one boy that i really liked and we did he he said he did notice it the week after that he broke up with with me am i too young to get surgery im 15 how much would it be i really want it i just want ti be happy for once in my life and that surgery will make me happy :-(


I can understand how you must feel.
none of us like to feel we are freaks.
But there are variations in the way womens vaginas look.
some have hardly any inner labias at all. others have really long ones that stick out and show through the outer slit all the time.
and just like one breast is always bigger than the other one, some labia are different sizes too.
So what you have is a variation, same as most women have.

The doctor was right, it is normal.
Dont be depressed over it , or think you need surgery, cos if you did get that fixed, something else would come along to trouble you.
Be confident in yourself that you are a good person, with a personality unique to you, and be proud of yourself.
And if some boy sees your inner labia are different , so what ?
he will be happy he has seen your private parts, it shoudnt freak him out.
Certainly dont mention it as a problem, then it wont be a problem to him


i don't wanna come off as a penis by any means, but you're fifteen years old & diagnosing yourself depressed because of one of your vagina lips is bigger than the other?

dood, i have the exact same problem & i'm just sayin', check out the vagina in general. even the PRETTY ones are nothin' to write home about - guys are not eyeballin' your friggen' sex organs up, giving them a 1 - 10 in their heads. they're looking at your face, doll. (and if the ex-boyfriend you were talking about did in fact break up with you based on one labia being slightly larger then the other, homeboy is in for a RUDE awakening - vagina is vagina, and one day when he is much wiser and more mature, he will realize how foolish he was to give up the chance to see one, up close and personal. just sayin'.)

it IS normal, and it's nothing to get yourself so worked up about... just the other day, i happened to be nekkid (go figure) in front of the full-length mirror, decided to check everything out & make sure everything looked like it should, what-not, and i thought to myself 'wow, i never noticed how much my vagina resembles the suction cup of an octopus tentacle.' (really, though - next time you getta' chance, spread it & check it out, lol)

and i chuckled to myself, went about my day, and forgot all about it. you're so young, but if you honestly feel this surgery will help that much, talk to your doctors & your parents about it. they'll know all about costs, and what-not. it might even be covered with your health insurance? who knows?


i kind of feel better now from hearing what yall said and the doctor said my health insurance wont pay for it because it is not bothering me and i have a boyfriend now and if he dont like it im just going to have to wait till i get older to get a man i dont want to do that