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Hi I had pain in my feet for 3 years.This put pressure on my relationship because i could nt walk far so i would nt  go out due to pain.Tried injections ,things in my shoes.Electric shock to mortons nouromers .THen i decided on surgery. I had morton nueroma / also had bursa s and scar tissue removed 5 weeks ago .Dr made cut in bottom of my feet between second and third toes now i have numbness which i was expecting in both toes in each  foot.But the burning sensation i have on the top  and bottom of my feetis is  incredibly pain full i cry all the time and i can only walk when im drugged up with pain killers.Is this burning normal or has the dr damaged my nerves.Please help because the way i am now i am wosre than what i was before.I cant even walk across a street.


Eeee...that sounds painful. Have you went for a second opinion? I would definitly try and see a different doctor and see what his opinion is as to what happened after the surgery to cause so much more pain. For the burning, I would definitly put a cold compress on it. It may be severely inflammed. The cold will help bring down any inflammation but will also help ease the pain. I sufferend from Morton's Neuroma about 6 months ago. I didn't do anything about it for the first few months but it just kept getting worse. I was limping and hated walking anywhere. I work for a company that sells medical grade wraps for the healing of soft tissue damage so decided to take advantage. I did the treatment as well as taped the foot and within a month and a half, it was gone. No more limping. People do this treatment a lot post op as well as it simply increases the blood flow to the targeted area, bringing in more nutrients and more oxygen, at an accelerate rate. I would say to start resting your foot on a cold compress...and tape the foot. The other treatment (the BFST)....I wouldn't recommend until the burning stops. I understand the pain completely so know what you are going through. Let me know if you need any further infomration about good cold foot wraps, tape or the BFST. All the best.