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I am scheduled for surgery on my neuroma in two weeks. I am getting feedback from friends to try all other options before the cutting. I have had the cortizone shots and that hasn't helped. Mine is growning causing separation between my two toes. I don't want to be cut open to hopefully resolve one problem creating other issues.

My question is should I cancel the surgery and try the alcohol injections first. Will these injections stop the progressive growth of the nerve and what other concerns should I be made aware of.

What is cryo about? I read its a less invasive treatment but no nothing about it.



Hi!Morton's neuroma may occur in response to irritation, injury or pressure. Common treatments for Morton's neuroma include changing footwear or using arch supports. Sometimes corticosteroid injections or surgery may be necessary. In some cases, surgeons can relieve the pressure on the nerve by cutting nearby structures, such as the ligament that binds together some of the bones in the front of the foot. Surgical removal of the growth may be necessary if other treatments fail to provide pain relief. Although surgery is usually successful, doctors often turn to surgery as a last resort, because the procedure removes both the neuroma and the nerve, which can leave permanent numbness in the affected toes. So maybe you should try with the alcohol injections first. You can find more about alcohol injections here