I had an 11mm mortons neuroma taken out in August 2009. I had 2 wound infections within 3 weeks the second made me quite unwell. I ended up sick from work for 7 weeks.

I am still struggling at times with pain in the foot. I have electric shocks shooting down the toes, not all the time, they surprise me! I feel as if I have my sock rolled down under my foot whilst wearing shoes a size too small, I feel a lump under the ball of my foot but nothing is there. I can end up limping [something I don't notice] this leads to refered hip pain now.

I have inner soles built for me by a bio mechanical podiatrist which has helped with some symptoms, but not cured me!!

Following a hard day at work [I am an acute medical nurse in the NHS] i am in a lot of pain and cannot sleep. I live on pain killers, take herbal sleeping tablets and a hot wheat bag to ease the foot. I can spend a lot of time crying too.

Work have tried to help by putting me in a smaller unit where I do not have to walk so far, this is no longer an option and I have been advised by occupational health that if i cannot do the job I was employed to do I could be asked to leave.

Some senior nurses have run out of patience and will not allow me to work in the smaller units within my department, I also have to suffer the rude remarks aimed at me because I struggle to work in the main unit.

I am fed up really, although I know the pain is less since the operation I did not ever think my foot would be so painful for so long afterwards. I am willing to try anything to help save my tears and my job.